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Founded in September of 2014, Community Pharmacy Partners (“CPP”) seeks to make a direct impact in the communities we serve by refusing to fill prescriptions for controlled medications. Our founders, similar to many others across the country, recognized the sad opioid epidemic stealthily plaguing our country today. Over prescribed and leading to increased healthcare costs, CPP knew there was a better way to provide quality healthcare with lower risk and better patient outcomes.

CPP set out to change our community’s healthcare needs, focusing on sight-specific alternatives to oral medication using FDA-approved topical medications to treat patients’ pain without involving the digestive system.

This mindset has allowed us to grow to a network of eleven specialty pharmacies across the United States serving more than 1500 physicians with specialty pharmaceutical products. Our core focus on opioid alternatives to pain management, coupled with education and collaboration with healthcare providers, has given us the foresight to positively impact our patients in a safe and affordable way.

Our clinical sales force of pharmacists take a hands-on approach to educating physicians on alternative therapies in the fight against opioid abuse. With the vision and goal to be in every major US market by 2025, CPP will continue to serve providers & patients with the vigilance needed to eradicate the harm this epidemic has caused our beloved country.

Our Mission

Since inception, our mission has been simple: community and people first. With the mindset that there is always a better way, we look to continually enhance our communities by providing our neighbors, families and friends with quality patient care at the forefront.

Serving with the highest integrity, safety and quality remain our ethos as we build our infrastructure to meet your healthcare needs.

The opioid epidemic is real, and we are set on changing the way well-deserving individuals receive proper treatment and information.

Our Approach

CPP takes great pride in our four-pillar approach of LEARN, TEACH, BUILD and GROW.


No one knows their community better than you. Therefore, when we become partners in a community, we listen and learn how we can best serve you. Understanding the fundamentals, roots and passions of a community is the bedrock of every decision we make to enter a community.


As we get to know new communities, businesses and leaders, we look to share our expertise to existing and future employees of CPP. Teaching individuals the importance of what we do and why we do it, creates a consistent, strong team prepared to serve individuals and families with safe and affordable healthcare for the long term.


We invest in our communities. We want to build value and quality every day. We never become complacent and will always go above and beyond bringing you a better way to healthcare.


Our greatest joy is seeing a community and its people live healthy and happy lives. If a community is not growing, neither are we. We inspire growth and concentrate on bringing the same outlook to communities across the country.

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